Drug rehabilitation advocates say ice addicts are not provided with the support they need to be able to detox and successfully withdraw from the debilitating drug.
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Sam Bennett talks to R12’s Stu Fenton and Casey Lucarelli about addiction in the queer community and the meaning of Pride. 
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Stu Fenton is Programme Director at R12, a LGBT+ dedicated destination rehab facility, part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group located in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.  R12 is the first LGBTQ+ rehab facility outside of America addressing the specific needs of addicts in the community globally.
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"Mike’s is a story of ups and downs, lucky breaks and poor choices. Traveling halfway around the world to Resort 12 could be his last chance, and Mike is determined to make the most of the opportunity". 

The rehab facility caters for all addictions from drugs, alcohol to the gym.
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Jaron was suicidal. In between the daily grind of scoring heroin to feed his habit, while trying to hold down a job, he had been looking up rehab centres, making calls and asking around for help. Available from The Sydney Morning Herald online, author Chloe Booker: <> [Feb 6, 2017].

A recovered alcoholic says drug addicts are falling through the cracks in Ballarat with a dire lack of rehabilitation facilities to treat their complex needs.. Available from The Courier online: <> [Jan 30, 2017].

Ballarat is recognised as one of many regional areas with a strong methamphetamine presence, but recovered ice addict turned psychotherapist Stuart Fenton said the state’s long-term treatment programs are inadequate. Available from: <> [Jan 1, 2017].

Andrew and Tim chat to Psychologist and Drug and Alcohol Counsellor Stu Fenton about sex and these drugs and the impact they have had on our community. Available from: <> [May 7, 2016].

While the proposed drug and alcohol treatment centre in Smeaton has faced significant backlash since its initial announcement in late 2015, a similar centre in Halls Gap has been embraced by the local community.  
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Co-founder Stuart Fenton said many people were unaware of what a therapeutic community would actually look like.  
Available from: <>.[Dec. 2, 2015].

Ballarat drug and alcohol counsellor Stu Fenton said increased public use might be attributable to the fact ice was an easy drug to take in places such as train stations….
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An application to build a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Smeaton has faced intense backlash from the local community. Available from: Available from: <> [Nov. 12, 2015].


Stu Fenton is 12 years clean. But as a reformed ice addict, drugs are still a big part of his life.  
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DRUG crimes in Ballarat escalated sharply over the 2014-2015 year to 577 offences from 440 the year before.  
Available from: <>.[Dec. 2, 2015].

There are more than 800 publicly-funded drug rehab beds in NSW, but only 208 in Victoria, according to each state’s heath departments.   There are also 124 more private rehab beds for addicts in Victoria than in the public system.
Drug and alcohol counsellor Stuart Fenton, who has worked in the public sector, said he sent clients who could not pay for private rehab to NSW, where the public waiting lists were often shorter. 
Available from: <>. [13 February 2015].

Luke Williams took gonzo journalism to the extreme in the article “Life as a crystal meth addict” as he explored the impact of methamphetamine (ice). He discusses his experience along with Stu Fenton who has had his own experiences with the drug with Dean and Andrew.  
Available from: <>.[Oct 30, 2014].