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A term that is often used in Gestalt therapy literature is “creative adjustment.” “This term refers to an individual’s way of finding behaviours, means or strategies to cope and or survive in various situations. Human beings possess an extraordinary ability to adapt to an infinite number of situations.” (Dave Mann p9.) A person for example grows up in their family learning how to deflect unwanted attention off themselves by asking another person in a group…

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Robin Williams

I am wondering if Robin William's died from the condition Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig calls "Lifeache." People go through life and they get fed this message in many cultures that you don't look back at the past you just suck it up and get on with it using various addictions and fronts, deflective defences and coping strategies to survive. And the truth is these mechanisms work for a time but death is inevitable and so there…

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Most people don't understand drug addiction treatment centres at all. there is a difference between a detox, a 28 day rehab and a Therapeutic Community. Often people who don't know, like the sound of a five or seven day detox "stint" but don't realise that this is NOT treatment. This is basically just "time out" from drinking or using that gives an individual's body and mind time to clear some of the chemicals from their…

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What I am often hearing in mainstream discussion is how unappealing the idea of total abstinence is to a person…

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Celebrate Recovery

Anyone who is recovering is just learning how to revisit the original wounds of the past and to apply nurturing 'win-win' solutions. By this I mean skills that help rebuild self esteem, actions that are life and self affirming rather than self defeating. We all learn ways to support ourselves as we grow up in our particular family contexts some of those ways are more helpful and nurturing than others. Smoking for example is believed…

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What is it?

Humans are much the same as a cell or an organism – they are always trying to achieve balance. If an individual has never been taught life skills and does not know how to get their needs met in a healthy way or to express their feelings then they get creative and they adjust and this is how all people develop from a baby to being an adultOf course this is not conscious. These are…

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Symptom or Problem?

People sometimes think that with an alcohol, drug problem or a process addiction like gambling, sex addiction or porn addiction that the addiction itself is the problem and yes it is certainly a problem but more accurately the addiction is just the coping mechanism and a symptom that an individual acts out with to avoid the real problem.The real problem is a series of behaviours and characteristics that all together represent a human condition that…

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